Environmental issues


The environmental issues have over the years become much more important for the development of commercial aviation.

In the early days of jet operation noise and engine exhaust emissions began to create problems around airports and ICAO developed standards (requirements) in order to limit the impact. The noise and engine exhaust emissions standards have since been updated and more stringent as technology has developed.

Today the aviation impact on climate change is in the focus and a new ICAO CO2 standard is under development. Because CO2 and fuel burn are proportionally linked the new standard will in fact become a fuel efficiency standard, i.e. Kg fuel / Seat km

Setting a new standard or revising an established standard do also require the need to consider the potential interaction between all standards.

The periodical increased stringencies of the different standards do affect the new aircraft in terms of better fuel efficiency, lower noise and reduced engine exhaust emissions in the same designs, which is a big challenge for the industry.

At the UN level a new Climate Change Protocoll was agreed in Paris 12 December 2015.

ICAO is currently negotiating a globla aviation sceme to deal with the contribution from commercia aviation.

NACE AB has 30+ years experience in the standard setting and specifically how the environmental requirements affect the aircraft designs.